How To Make A Man Miss You: 13 Secrets You Must Know!

He is gone…. and now you want him back. Your ex is all you can think about, and you would do just about anything to have him with you. This is a very hard spot to be in. You must not wait to just sit around and hope that he comes back to you. What you need to do is start learning the secrets about how to make a man miss you.

How To Make a Man Miss You

To help you get him back, here are all the tips that you should start immediately.Man Holding Woman

#1 Stop calling him

You will become mysterious and a little hard to get…. guys love a little chase. When he is not hearing from you, he will start to wonder why, and also start to miss you.

#2 Go out with friends

He will feel like you are moving on and this will make him uneasy. Plus, you will have a chance to relax and have a fun time.

#3 Get a makeover

You will be feeling so confident and refreshed and he will be blown away when he sees you and realize what he is missing.

#4 Be Happy

You deserve to be happy. Nothing is more attractive than a happy vibrant woman. The happier you become the more and more that your ex will start to envy you and want to be happy with you.

#5 Start working out

You will feel great and he will start to notice how good you are looking.

#6 Smile

Just the act of smiling makes you and others around you feel great.

#7 Be Confidenthow to make a man miss you couple

Men love a confident woman! When he sees that you are confident dependent women, he will want you back.

#8 Go Shopping

You will look as good to him as you feel in a new set of clothes. Nothing makes a woman feel better than some new clothes. So go ahead and splurge a little on yourself.

#9 Become Independent

By becoming more independent you will no longer seem needy to him and this will make him need you back.

#10 Do New things

He will notice that you are moving on with your life and this will make him miss you.

#11 Love Him

Even if he does something that makes you mad, don’t let him know you are upset. He will not miss you if are always mad at him.

#12 Do Something Nice

Have a little gift or something delivered to him to let him know that you still love him. Just be careful not to over do it.

#13 Try not to get jealous

Lets face it…. men don’t like clingy jealous women. You need to give him what he wants.

It might take some time to learn how to make a man miss you. We promise that if you keep trying and keep learning more about how to get him back that you will know how to make a man miss you in no time. You deserve him back…. don’t wait until its too late get him back now.

If you would perfer to hear me explain all of these tips on video, please watch the video below: